Dev Cycle: Leaderboard, Toolbar, Subject Preview

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August 23rd, 2010, 9:37 pm

We just rolled out our "7 days early" 2.0.14 version of our FF (Free Forums) System. This includes three large features and some bug fixes. You can read below for the changes:

:arrow: Leaderboard (We've created a leaderboard for the top forums on @
:arrow: Hover over subject preview (When you hover over the subject of a topic on the view forum page, you will see a preview of the first post)
:arrow: Wibiya Toolbar (We've added the "Wibiya Toolbar" to the Mod Center on all forums. This adds a toolbar to the bottom of your forum much like the one on this support forum. The toolbar includes a forum search, ShareThis button, FaceBook "like" button, and chatroom. This toolbar will likely increase forum activity.)

Bug Fixes
:arrow: Fixed Thanks Mod bug

This new version was a result of our development cycle. Our next version is due around September 15th. Enjoy 8)