Dev Cycle: Referral Program, Spam Prevention, and more

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August 5th, 2010, 6:00 pm

We just rolled out our "back from the server move" 2.0.13 version of our FF (Free Forums) System. This includes a lot of bug fixes and one feature. You can read below for the changes:

:arrow: Referral Program (You can now refer people to When they create a forum and become active you get community chest points. Check out the "Referral rewards" link in the general tab of your admin panel)
:arrow: New Captcha (We've added a new, more secure captcha to the registration pages on your forum)
:arrow: Spam Prevention (We've setup some anti-spam systems on our network to cut back on automated spam)
:arrow: Report Violation (In our effort to keep the network clean, we've added a "Report Violation" link to the bottom of every forum)

Bug Fixes
:arrow: Fixed issue with buying upgrades via credit cards
:arrow: Fixed issue with premium support for premium forums
:arrow: Fixed 301 redirection on domains for SEO value

Other Upgrades
:arrow: Optimized forum signup process

This new version was a result of our development cycle. Our next version is due around August 31st. Enjoy 8)