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February 20th, 2017, 12:46 am


So, I was thinking and one feature I would love to see added would be a pop-up feature. I've seen other forums use it so I hope it could be added here. The source-code for the pop-up feature seems to have been made public by the original creator.

What it does:

Mouse over text and it pops it up on the screen. Similar to how the url text opens a new tab with the url, but it just shows it on the screen. Looks a lot neater than the spoiler tag and it looks great.

This brings me to my second request.

When adding the spoiler tag it makes a large dent in whatever text you're writing by adding a space between the words



What I would like is to not have it make a whole new line unless clicked if that's at all possible.


Before [spoiler] after