FF System 2.0.11 Released

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December 3rd, 2009, 12:42 am

We just rolled out our "back to features" 2.0.11 version of our FF (Free Forums) System. This includes a lot of new features and mods. You can read below for the changes:

:arrow: Image Resizing (Resizes user-posted images that are too large, optionally overlaying a zoom button to view the original-sized image)
:arrow: Auto Group (Gives administrators options to place users in groups based on post count, membership days, and warning points)
:arrow: Custom iPortal Blocks (Create a custom block with BBcode and text on the iPortal)
:arrow: Custom Terms of Service (Add contact to the end of the board terms of service)
:arrow: Admin Contact Form (Adds a contact page to the footer of your forum so anyone can email the admins)

:arrow: Added ability to preview iPortal in non-live mode.

This new version was a result of our development cycle. Our next version is due around December 15th. Enjoy 8)