FF System 2.0.12 Released

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December 16th, 2009, 12:07 am

We just rolled out our "more bugs are frozen" 2.0.12 version of our FF (Free Forums) System. This includes a lot of bug fixes and one feature. You can read below for the changes:

:arrow: Pre-Made BBCodes (You can now enable pre-made BBCodes from the BBCode page of the admin panel)

Bug Fixes
:arrow: After signing up for a forum it shows the same entry twice for first and last name
:arrow: After the 2.11 release, avatars/ranks aren't shown in profile when visited by some links
:arrow: In the ACP, under manage groups, it is showing "0" for how many members
:arrow: Calendar mod doesn't work when setting the week to start on Monday
:arrow: When you use quick reply to reply to a topic, it will unsubscribe from it
:arrow: Chatroom errors
:arrow: Upcoming birthdays mod showing people having upcoming birthdays when their birthday might not be for a few months
:arrow: Long URL's are being parsed incorrectly, causing them to not work
:arrow: For the chat mod that appears in the header, the "delete" button does not show in viewforum
:arrow: Encoding issue with non-English contact forms
:arrow: Permissions Roles Issues for mods
:arrow: Issue with calendar permissions

This new version was a result of our development cycle. Our next version is due around January 15th. Enjoy 8)