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May 2nd, 2017, 6:13 am

Howdy everyone!

I'm known on the internet as Jeggerd. I am a Twitch Streamer and Youtuber. I am now expanding what I do into a new venture. One, I'm a certified life coach (also have a degree in psych and a graduate degree in education) now so I offer those services; at a lower rate than average until I build clientele. But two, and most importantly, I've built my forum as a place for fun but also collaboration. People can get together to discuss thoughts, share favorites, but also use it as a platform to get feedback for their own ideas they wish to start and passions they want to foster from gaming, to starting their own business, to becoming a filmmaker, you name it.

I am building this as a way for me to enhance my brand and reach my goal to work from home, but i also want to make sure that I offer a way to give back right from the get go.

My forum is HERE if you wish to check it out and hopefully share.

Look forward to seeing you and seeing what you wish to achieve!

Thanks for reading 8)