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There are only some very few rules for this forum:

1. Keep it on-topic (as in about forum promotion).

2. Any forum promotion posts must be about forums that are hosted on our network. Any posts about forums outside of our network will be treated as spam and will be dealt with accordingly. If you are on Advanced Hosting that was taken via, you are welcome to promote your forum in here.

3. Keep comments civil, negative comments are fine as long as they are constructive. Comments such as your forum suck" contribute nothing and are worthless.

4. You only need 1 thread per forum, having multiple threads open on the same forum will be treated as spam and will be dealt with accordingly.

5. Bumping: Please do not bump threads more than once every 5 days. This does not mean getting other users to bump it for you. And this also means not updating your forum stats for your posts, you can edit your first post.

6. Along with bumping, unless your post has a meaning, which as a general rule, keep it at a 2 sentence minimum. Saying "Bump" or anything to the like, is spam, and won't be tolerated.

These rules are here to make it fair for everyone.

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