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September 28th, 2015, 8:37 pm

Hello friends,

We are launching a promotion package for our forums.

What you receive:

- Two months ad-free or price exquivalent in ad-free credits for tier 2 forums. value; $9.90)
- Four months premium (Value: $19.76)
- Promotion of your forum on our facebook page. (Value: Priceless)

Total value of your promotion package: $29.66
Your price per package: $19.99

How to purchase a promotion package:

Simply send $19.76 to [email protected] via paypal.
Don't forget to add a note with the link to your forum and an email address we can contact you at.

No paypal account? No problem. Just submit a ticket via and we'll give you an alternate route to purchase your package. The help link can also be used to ask any questions related to the promotion packages.