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April 28th, 2017, 3:10 am

As some of you already know, a couple months ago FreeForums started a partnership with Tapatalk. Mobile traffic now account for over 50% of the traffic viewing Freeforums forums. Given Tapatalk's expertise in mobile, it was a natural step in the evolution of Freeforums.

We also are aware of all the issues that have had many issues that impacted the availability of the forums. Initially, we had issues as we moved to cloud based servers (Microsoft Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS). In the past few days, availability was impacted by a Denial of Service attack (DDOS). Working with Microsoft and Amazon, we have the attack controlled, and moved behind additional protection.

These issues also pointed us to the need to overhaul Freeforums. The Freeforums code was written about 9 years ago and has been patched numerous times. We are the point the continual patching is creating too many issues, and it is time to give Freeforums the modern code it deserves.

We are going to expand the partnership with Tapatalk to help us get to the next stage of Freeforums. As part of the partnership, we will transition Freeforums to a rebuilt code base.

While there several improvements, most things will remain the same, including:

Your forum structure of forums and subforums
Your existing settings and controls
For those on paid plans, your private domain and ad removal

But with the new platform, there are going to some features that are problematic to support, and will no longer be available:

Reduced number of board skins
Shoutbox / chat room

Beta Preview

We will begin testing the new platform in about 2-3 weeks, and we like to invite Admins to participate in the Beta. As a Beta partner, you will be able to preview your forum in the new platform. We are looking for Beta Partners that:
Are currently on the Free Tier (not paying for ad removal)
Are using a Freeforums domain (not using a private domain)
Are willing to provide candid feedback

If you are interested in previewing the new platform, please fill out this brief Beta registration form (BTW - in a few weeks we will be adding to the Beta to include forums with ads removed and private domains)

We will post updates on the progress. And we will open up a feedback thread so you can view the comments from Beta participants. The overhaul is overdue and I hope you are excited as we are about the new platform!