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February 9th, 2010, 10:46 pm

As you know by now, last week we were forced to disable the previous chatroom due to server issues. We were using third party chat software and as we grew in size it kept causing more and more problems. Instead of having 2-3 hours of downtime per day, we opted to create our own highly optimized chat system. Starting now, we will have two header chat options which can be set via the "Utility box" page in your admin panel"

Live Chatroom
:arrow: Refreshes every pageload with chat data from the past 2 minutes. Auto refreshes every 5 seconds.
:arrow: In the near future this will share data from the "Chatroom Page" in the mod center.

Delayed Shoutbox (default)
:arrow: Loads the previous 25 messages posted
:arrow: Refreshes everytime the user loads a new page, or every 60-seconds.

Once again, these are two separate header chat systems. You can decided what kind of chat better fits your forum (live chat vs delayed) and enable them from the utility box.