OFF-TOPIC Rules *UPDATED Jan 16th*

Discuss anything here, but obey the rules!

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The purpose of this forum is for users to communicate about different topics that may or may not pertain to This is not a place to just get your post count up, so there are some rules.

There are only some very few rules for this forum:

1. Posts and topics must have some sort of quality to them. While topics can range from any topic, it doesn't mean you can make "any" topic you wish, they must be quality. Topics such as the following should be avoided:

- Posting games, or other such topics based around simply raising post count.

- Telling people where you are going, what you're doing at the time, etc. These are Ok if they are meant to be a discussion about something, but don't make it because you are bored and want to just post something worthless.

-Topics should be discussion worthy, and not be about things you have eaten, clothes you are wearing, or other related items.

2. No porn.

3. No lewd, rude, racist, or offensive posts/threads (keep language usage at a PG level).

4. No trolling (posting an obviously negative post/thread to elicit an angry response).

5. Be respectful and polite to other forum members.

6. "I'm leaving" type threads are not permitted as they most often contain zero discussion value.

7. Short posts such as "lol" and "ok" are considered spam and will not be tolerated

Last updated: January 16th, 2008
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Topic updated January 8th.

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Midnight Phoenix wrote:Topic updated January 8th.
******* And updated again on January 16th. *******
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