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March 16th, 2010, 1:59 am

Just three years ago was forged with a mission to revolutionize the forum hosting industry. Since then through our dedication in building one of the most comprehensive and innovative forum platforms on the market, we've accomplished just that. We are always looking for ways to provide a more reliable user-friendly forum hosting solution, and we have some exciting news:

As of Today, is now owned by one of the leading networks of forum communities on the Internet, Crowdgather. Crowdgather operates over 70 active online communities, now serving over 80 million pageviews per month to 4.5 million unique users. Crowdgather is entirely focused on forums and brings forth the resources and expertise needed to take to the next level.

They plan to keep doing what has been working for us, and improving on areas that require more resources. On behalf of the entire team, we are excited to be apart of the CrowdGather network and look forward to working together.

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