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February 20th, 2016, 8:37 pm

While trying to decide the limits for my forum's signatures I found that it would be very easy to abuse signatures and make them absolutely ridiculous. For example, I thought I might set a limit of 500 characters, allow BBCode and smileys, allow up to 8 links, and images up to 200x1000px. This would have been fine if people used one image that is 200x1000px or 8 links of small 50x50px images and some text, except while testing out these limitations I found that you could post 8 links of a 200x1000px image in one signature, and a signature that is 500 characters long with one character on each line.

This means someone can make a signature that is 500 lines long or a grand total of 1600px in height. My forum even has YouTube BBCode, someone could post videos in their signature!

It's hard to decide where I want to go from here, either I'll have to moderate signatures very closely and set up some specific rules on what is and isn't allowed, or I'll have to drop all of those numbers and make the limits more strict. I've seen some people use their signatures in creative ways that don't abuse the system so I'm incredibly reluctant to take that freedom away from them...

If at all possible I'd love it if we could restrict the number of lines that a signature takes up or something, even choosing what BBCode can and can't be used would be helpful! Thoughts?

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March 5th, 2016, 3:27 pm

I don't think something like this is possible, unfortunately there will probably always be ways to abuse the limits that are set, unless you happened to have your own hosting, and can install some sort of mod that accomplishes what you are looking to do. I do not believe there is way to do that here, you'll just have to set some common sense rules and enforce them among your members (i.e. through a post with some rules regarding it, not rules that are set in settings or anything).
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